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  Howdy, folks!  Join us on Friday, April 18, 2014 for our monthly
  Gospel Sing.  See text box at upper left side of this page for more

  We will be open on Saturday, April 19th, from 10am to 4:30 pm,
  as part of the APPLE BLOSSOM FESTIVAL.  The festival runs
  from April 18 to April 20 throughout the Glen, but our location
  will only be open on Saturday.  We will have live music for you
  starting at 11am, as well as an artwork display, both by Brad
  Hundaman (he was quite a hit last Fall, so we hope you can
  come by to hear him!) 




  Then at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, you can root for your favorite as
  the Apple Blossom Queen contestants do their team cider pressing
  competition right here at Riley's Apple Farm!  Sharon's Country
  Store will be open for your shopping pleasure, featuring
  inexpensive, historical toys, as well as some of today's favorites.
  We also carry lots of delicious butters, jams, & jellies.

  We recommend the Swing Dance being held Saturday evening,
  April 19, 2014, at Los Rios Rancho.  Tickets are just $10 per person
  or $18 for the dance and dinner.  For more information, call
  909-797-1005.  Live 40s - 60s music will be played by the
  Hilltop Ramblers, always a huge hit with the crowd!

  To see complete schedules for the entire Glen, visit 
  There are lots of activities at the various ranches, including an
  Easter egg hunt, contests, competition for the Apple Blossom
  Queen, cider pressing, and a whole lot more!




  A nice twist on a favorite Fall adventure!  Call us today to sign
  up for our Spring Home School Day on May 15, 2014.  Home
  School Day is a chance for small groups to experience a 4 hour
  farm tour -- without having to meet a group minimum size! 
  You can sign up for just one person, or bring your home school
  group.  The cost is $10 per adult and $15 per child.

  The activities are historical, educational, hands-on, and just
  plain FUN!  We'll be doing Corn Husk Dolls, Frontier Cabin
  adventure (newly expanded!), Rope Making (with a drawing to
  see who gets to take the rope home), Gold Panning, Hayride,
  and Archery.  The tour runs from 10am to 2pm, with a lunch
  break in the middle.  Your day begins with an interactive
  musical introduction, where you & your child can help play
  the instruments and sing along with Pa Riley! 

  Sharon's Country Store will stay open all day for your
  shopping pleasure.  Spend a wonderful day with us in scenic
  & charming Oak Glen!  Call 909-797-4061 to sign up.  We are
  also taking sign-ups for our Fall Home School Days (September
  17, October 29, & November 6, 2014).

We are getting ready for our Spring farm tours / field trips, which
will begin in May.  We'd love to host your group tour or field trip and
would be happy to take your phone call to book your tour.  Now is a
great time to book your Fall tour as well.  For more info, see our
School Tours page for more info or call us at (909) 797- 4061.

For U-pick, plan to come and pick berries in mid-July.  As the time
gets closer, we will update the website with a definite date, so stay
tuned!  The apple crop will be early this year, so the tart varieties
of apple should be ready by mid to late July.  Apple Season will
begin officially on Labor Day Weekend (the first weekend in
September), so that is when our weekend activities begin (hayride,
archery, tomahawk, knife throw, BBQ snack bar, apple cider
pressing, and more!)    U-pick apples for 2014 will probably end
early (sometime in October), so plan accordingly.

  • Riley's Apple Farm is the original "Riley's" in Oak Glen!  We are set on a cozy 3 acres in mile-high Oak Glen - California's own "Apple Country."  We are not "Riley's Farm;" that is a completely separate business.  Look for the red apple cutout that sits on top of our "Riley's Apple Farm" sign! 

  • We are a u-pick apple, berry, & pumpkin farm. U-pick is available only when fruit is in season (mid-July for raspberries & blackberries / late July to early August for apples / mid to late September for pumpkins.)  End dates for u-pick vary depending on crop size, weather variations, and how many people come & how much they pick!  Berries usually last until the first frost of the year, which can happen anywhere from late September to early October.  Apple u-pick can end anywhere from early October to late November.  It's always a good idea to come apple picking in September to make sure you get to do it! 

  • We do Fall & Spring farm tours for schools, churches, scout troops, seniors, and other groups.  We let you design your own tour by choosing from our wide variety of activities, including Frontier Cabin Adventure, Gold Panning, Hayride, Apple Cider Pressing, Archery, Kazoo Making, Rope Making, Corn Husk Doll Making, Corn Grinding, & Johnny Cake Baking (in a wood-burning oven!)  For information on scheduling a tour, please go to the school tours link on the left side of the page. 

We are the original Riley's in Oak Glen!
12201 S. Oak Glen Road
Oak Glen / Yucaipa, CA  92399
Toll-Free:  866-585-6407
We are NOT Riley's Farm
Please no calls before 9am or after 5pm
Tall-crown, Amish-made hats.
Available in our store.
Apple wood - $1 / LB
Pa Riley doing a musical intro for a tour.
Pa Riley makes a rope with a scout group.
Lighting a fire at the Frontier Cabin.
Making apple cider with a tour group.
Grinding coffee beans the old-fashioned way on our Frontier Cabin Adventure.
U-pick at its finest!
Farm tour, complete with archery.
Continuing the legacy of the Gold Rush.
Here comes the hayride!
Have you ever seen kids having this much fun doing laundry?  You will on our Frontier Cabin Adventure.
Friday, April 18, 2014
at our Winter location...
10961 Desert Lawn Dr. - Rec Center
6pm Potluck / 7pm Sing
See Harvest page for map

Remember where to go for all your wood and furniture needs  - THE SAWMILL - right here at Riley's Apple Farm!  Planks, boards, apple wood for smoking meats, custom furniture, etc.  Native wood - plenty of varieties.