This page was last updated: October 14, 2016
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    Howdy, folks! 

    We do not close on Sundays!  There are 2 farms on our property.
    At the front is Riley's Stone Soup Farm, where you can pick
    Winesap apples and do activities.  To get to Riley's Apple Farm
    in the back, just come on down the dirt road.  In the back, you
    can pick several varieties of apple, pick pumpkins, make apple
    cider, do archery, tomahawk, and knife throw, eat at the BBQ,
    and shop in Sharon's Country Store.  Beat the heat - we are
    approximately 10 to 15 degrees cooler than down in the valley. 

    Please see red area above for hours and days.  We are no
    longer open on weekdays, except for private tours.  Activities
    take place on Saturdays & Sundays only (Archery, Tomahawk,
    & Knife Throw for $2 per activity for several tries; Cider Pressing
    - one gallon for $20 (it takes 80 to 100 apples to make a gallon
    of cider; we provide the apples & the container!)  Cider shuts
    down at 3pm & develops a waiting list quickly.  If you'd like to
    make cider, it's best to get here early & buy your cider ticket
    right away in our store.  U-pick apples are $3.25 per pound.
    75 cents per pound.

   Apple varieties as of 10/15/16 are:  Winesap, Braeburn, Yellow
   Newtown Pippin, Red Delicious, Jonamac, Jonagold, Fuji, Rome
   Beauty, and the famous, much sought after ARKANSAS BLACK!
   Varieties may change without notice.





    Our next Gospel Sing will be on October 21, 2016. 
    There are no potlucks for the rest of the year, so the
    event will begin at 7pm.  We will meet at Los Rios.
    Admission is free, and a free will offering will be taken
    to help with expenses.


Riley's Apple Farm is the original "Riley's" in Oak Glen!  We are set
on a cozy 3 acres in mile-high Oak Glen - California's own "Apple
Country."  We are not "Riley's Farm;" that is a completely
separate business.  Look for the red apple cutout that sits on top of
our "Riley's Apple Farm" sign! 

  • We are a u-pick apple, berry, & pumpkin farm. U-pick is available only when fruit is in season (Early July for raspberries & blackberries / late July to early August for apples / mid to late September for pumpkins.)  End dates for u-pick vary depending on crop size, weather variations, and how many people come & how much they pick!  Berries usually last until the first frost of the year, which can happen anywhere from late September to early October.  Apple u-pick can end anywhere from early October to late November.  The best time to come apple picking is in September to make sure you get to do it!  Even when the u-pick stops, we are still open on the weekends with all of our activities, BBQ, and country store.

  • We do Fall farm tours for schools, churches, scout troops, seniors, and other groups.  We let you design your own tour by choosing from our wide variety of activities, including Frontier Cabin Adventure, Nature Walk, Apple Cider Pressing, Archery, Kazoo Making, Rope Making, Corn Husk Doll Making, Corn Grinding, & Johnny Cake Baking (in a wood-burning oven!)  For information on scheduling a tour, please go to the school tours link on the left side of the page. 

We are the original Riley's in Oak Glen!
12201 S. Oak Glen Road
Oak Glen / Yucaipa, CA  92399
Toll-Free:  866-585-6407
We are NOT Riley's Farm
Please no calls before 9am or after 5pm
or on Mondays-owners live on premises.
Tall-crown, Amish-made hats.
Available in our store.
Apple wood - $1 / LB
Pa Riley doing a musical intro for a tour.
Pa Riley makes a rope with a scout group.
Lighting a fire at the Frontier Cabin.
Making apple cider with a tour group.
Grinding coffee beans the old-fashioned way on our Frontier Cabin Adventure.
U-pick at its finest!
Farm tour, complete with archery.
Continuing the legacy of the Gold Rush.
Have you ever seen kids having this much fun doing laundry?  You will on our Frontier Cabin Adventure.
Remember where to go for all your wood and furniture needs  - THE SAWMILL - right here at Riley's Apple Farm!  Planks, boards, apple wood for smoking meats, custom furniture, etc.  Native wood - plenty of varieties.
Tug of War at the Frontier Cabin Adventure - fun!
The latest table made by Dennis Riley for a customer - isn't it cute?
NEW ORCHARD OPENS THIS WEEKEND!  We'll have Jonamac, Jonagold, Rome Beauty, Red Delicious, Fuji, & the famous apple, ARKANSAS BLACK!
Open Sat & Sundays 10am - 4pm - must check in before 3:30pm to apple pick.  Cider stops at 3 - get your ticket early!
Our Trading Post Store